Agri Aware Inspires 4000 Students Across Ireland with Farm Walk and Talk Series

Agri Aware Inspires 4000 Students Across Ireland with Farm Walk and Talk Series
Chairman of Agri Aware Shay Galvin speaking with 6th year pupils Bronagh Nolan and Niamh Graham from St Leo's Secondary School, Co Carlow, at the Agri Aware farm walk and talk event at Kildalton Agricultural College. Picture: Submitted

Agri Aware Inspires 4000 Students Across Ireland with Farm Walk and Talk Series

Key Takeaways:

  • Agri Aware concludes successful farm walk and talk series, engaging 4000 students across 14 events spanning 11 farms in various counties across Ireland.
  • The series focused on topics aligned with the Leaving Certificate Agriculture Science curriculum, offering hands-on experiences and interactive demonstrations, including witnessing ewes lambing and participating in milking sessions.
  • Chairman Shay Galvin expresses gratitude to partners, event hosts, and patrons for their support and contributions, emphasizing the series’ role in providing practical knowledge and fostering appreciation for agriculture among students.


Agri Aware, a leading agricultural education organization, concluded its highly successful farm walk and talk series on Friday, March 22, at Kildalton Agricultural College in County Kilkenny.

This marked the culmination of a four-week-long event that saw 4000 students from across Ireland engaging in educational experiences on 11 different farms spread across 14 events, spanning counties from Donegal to Cork and extending as far as County Meath.

Throughout the series, students were immersed in a diverse range of topics aligned with the Leaving Certificate Agriculture Science curriculum.

From discussions on the intricacies of individual investigative study projects to hands-on demonstrations showcasing life on a working farm, participants gained invaluable insights into various aspects of agricultural practices.

One of the highlights of the series, according to Farming Life, was the opportunity for students to witness ewes lambing firsthand, with some even lending a helping hand in the delivery of a lamb.

These interactive experiences not only brought classroom theory to life but also fostered a deeper appreciation for the practical realities of farming.

Interactive demonstrations were a key component of the farm walk and talk series, allowing students to actively engage with agricultural practices.

From body condition scoring animals to taking soil samples and experiencing milking in a state-of-the-art rotary milking parlour, participants gained practical skills that complemented their theoretical knowledge.

Agri Aware Chairman Shay Galvin expressed his delight at the success of the farm walk and talk series, emphasizing its importance in providing students with a hands-on experience of farm life.

He highlighted the unique opportunity these events offer, particularly for students without a farming background, to gain practical knowledge and insights that enhance their understanding of agriculture.

Galvin extended his gratitude to the event partners, including Teagasc, the UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science, and the Irish Farmers Journal, whose support was instrumental in organizing and running the series.

He also commended the Lynch family for generously opening their farm in County Donegal to students, marking the first farm walk and talk event outside of the event partners.

Acknowledging the contributions of patrons who delivered talks and demonstrations throughout the series, Galvin emphasized the positive feedback received from teachers and students alike.

He concluded by expressing his heartfelt appreciation for the students and teachers whose participation was integral to the success of all 14 events.

The farm walk and talk series served as a testament to Agri Aware’s commitment to agricultural education and its dedication to fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of Ireland’s agricultural heritage among the next generation. Through immersive experiences and interactive learning opportunities, the organization continues to inspire and empower students to explore the diverse and dynamic world of farming and agriculture.

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