Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship for Two Year College Students 2024

Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship

Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship is more than just milk and cheese – it’s a cornerstone of our economy and a crucial part of our food system.

And now, thanks to the Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship, aspiring dairy professionals have an opportunity to pursue their dreams in this exciting field.

This scholarship is specifically designed for two-year college students who are studying dairy science, animal science, or related fields.

By recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of these students, the Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship is investing in the future of the dairy industry. Keep reading to learn more.

Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship Overview

Are you a second-year student at a two-year agricultural institution focusing on dairy or animal science? If so, the Dairy Shrine Iager Scholarship for Two-Year College Students could be an excellent opportunity for you!

Each year, the fund provides up to two (2) $1,000 scholarships to second-year college students at two-year agricultural institutions majoring in Dairy or Animal Science.

This scholarship is supported by a fund established by Mr. and Mrs. Iager, well-known Maryland Holstein breeders. If this sounds like a great opportunity for you, we invite you to apply, click here to do so.

Basic Details Regarding the National Dairy Shrine

The National Dairy Shrine brings together dairy farmers, scientists, students, educators, technical consultants, marketers, and others who want to preserve their dairy history and keep the dairy sector thriving.

Founded in 1949 by a small group of visionary dairy leaders, the National Dairy Shrine currently has approximately 20,000-lifetime members representing almost every aspect of the dairy industry.

This charity celebrates the legacy of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Iager, well-known Maryland Holstein breeders. Their generosity continues to benefit students passionate about helping the dairy business develop and succeed.

Who Should Apply for the Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship?

The Dairy Shrine Iager Scholarship is available to highly motivated second-year students majoring in dairy or animal science in a two-year agricultural college program. Here’s an overview of the main eligibility requirements:

  • Open only to second-year students.
  • Academic Program: Must be enrolled in a two-year agricultural college program.
  • Major: Dairy Science or Animal Science.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.5 is usually required (though this can vary significantly from year to year).

Application information

To apply for this scholarship, please submit the application documents listed below before the deadline:

  • Academic record
  • Two 500-word pieces.
  • A letter of recommendation

Deadlines and Application Process

The Dairy Shrine Iager Scholarship application date is April 15, 2024. Check the National Dairy Shrine website as the deadline approaches for any modifications or adjustments.

The application procedure typically includes submitting an online application form, a personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, and any extra materials asked.

How to Make a Winning Application Package

While there is no formal essay component, the application package is extremely important in demonstrating your qualifications. Here are some tips for developing an interesting application:

  • Personal Statement: Write a well-written personal statement that describes your academic ambitions, demonstrates your enthusiasm for the dairy sector, and stresses your leadership abilities.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Seek excellent letters of recommendation from academics who are familiar with your academic performance and commitment to the dairy industry.
  • Transcripts: Make sure your official transcripts are presented to demonstrate your academic achievements.
  • Honors and Activities: Please include any relevant honors, scholarships, or extracurricular activities that highlight your leadership abilities and dedication to the dairy sector.


Amazing right? The Dairy Shrine Lager Scholarship for Two-Year College Students is an excellent opportunity for students interested in dairy science, animal science, and other relevant subjects.

This award assists these individuals in continuing their studies and becoming the next generation of dairy professionals by offering financial support and acknowledgment for their efforts.

With the dairy industry playing such an essential role in our economy and food chain, investing in these students’ education is critical to its long-term success.

If you are a student interested in the dairy sector, don’t pass up this fantastic opportunity to pave the route for your career!

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