Advancing Environmental Harmony: ACReSAL Urges Adamawa Banks to Join “Greening of Greater Yola” Project

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Advancing Environmental Harmony: ACReSAL Urges Adamawa Banks to Join “Greening of Greater Yola” Project


  • ACReSAL, with support from the Adamawa State Ministry of Environment, urges banks in Adamawa to participate in the “Greening of Greater Yola Project” to combat rising temperatures in the region.
  • The significance of greening efforts in Greater Yola was underscored at a collaborative meeting that was attended by prominent figures in the banking industry, environmental consultants, and representatives from the finance and environment ministries.
  • Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is in favour of the initiative, which will plant trees, shrubs, and grasses with an emphasis on enhancing the local environment, reducing the effects of climate change, and fostering resilience among the populace.


In a collaborative effort to combat rising temperatures in Greater Yola, the Adamawa Agro-Climatic Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes (ACReSAL) project, with backing from the Adamawa State Ministry of Environment, has called upon banks in the region to actively participate in the “Greening of Greater Yola Project.”

This call to action took centre stage during a crucial meeting held on Thursday, 11th January, 2024, at the ACReSAL project office in Yola, the capital of Adamawa state.

The goal of the meeting, which was presided over by Mohammed Sadiq, the Adamawa State Commissioner of Environment, was to create a cooperative path towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Important figures from banking institutions, environmental consultants, and representatives from the finance and environment ministries attended.

Acknowledging the significance of this initiative, Dr Ibrahim Chinda, the State Project Coordinator of ACReSAL, highlighted the alarming rise in temperature over the past two decades in the Greater Yola area—increasing by 6 degrees.

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Dr. Chinda emphasized the pivotal role of banks in supporting the ambitious tree planting, shrubbery, and grassland initiatives to combat this environmental challenge.

A pivotal moment in the meeting featured a presentation by a team of consultants led by Dr. Amos Badgal.

Advancing Environmental Harmony - ACReSAL Urges Adamawa Banks to Join Greening of Greater Yola Project
The honourable commissioner of environment also drove home the finer details of the greening activity by presenting a design for a city park and solicited collaboration and buy-in by financial institutions and other well-meaning organizations in a bid to enhance the environment, mitigate the effects of climate change, and build resilience for the people.

They showcased 3D-simulated projections for the entire “Greater Yola” area, encompassing the 20-km superhighway and housing estate spearheaded by Governor Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri. The visual representations aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the proposed greening activities.

The Adamawa State Commissioner of Environment, Mohammed Sadiq, further elucidated the intricacies of the “Greening of Greater Yola” project.

He presented a design for a city park, urging collaboration and support from financial institutions and other philanthropic organizations.

The commissioner highlighted the project’s broader goals, emphasising its potential to enhance the environment, mitigate climate change effects, and foster resilience among the local populace.

Governor Fintiri’s endorsement and support add significant weight to the “Greening of Greater Yola” project, positioning it as a flagship initiative for Adamawa ACReSAL in the year ahead.

As the call for collaboration echoes through the banking sector, this environmental endeavour holds promise for a more sustainable and resilient future for Greater Yola.


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