Applications Invited for Fossil Fuel Grants Programme 2024

Fossil Fuel Grants Programme
The Fossil Fuel Grants Programme is now accepting applications, offering an incredible opportunity for initiatives that promote the transition away from fossil fuels towards cleaner energy solutions.
Whether you’re a research institution, non-profit organization, or community group, this program provides much-needed funding to support your efforts in reducing the environmental and social impacts of fossil fuels.
From developing renewable energy alternatives to mitigating the effects of climate change, the Fossil Fuel Grants Programme is dedicated to investing in a sustainable future for all. Read on to find out more about this groundbreaking initiative and how you can apply for a grant.

Fossil Fuel Grants Programme Overview

News media and newsrooms continue to operate primarily on a national scale. However, the climatic catastrophe and power systems that impede the shift away from fossil fuels extend far beyond national borders.

The Fossil Fuel Grant Programme is designed to support cross-border teams of professional journalists and/or newsrooms in investigating and documenting unreported activities by European fossil fuel companies and their proxies both within and outside of Europe.

In addition to studies into cross-border fossil fuel sector operations, this tool can help with investigations that examine local industry activity or policies across two or more locations.

The generated stories must be published in at least two different countries, with one of them being a European media outlet.

Additionally, the awards may provide initial funding for the creation of new research initiatives. Working hours and costs like planning, travel, insurance, getting legal counsel, translating, using technology and data sets, etc., can all be covered.

Teams can apply for an experienced mentor to help with the investigation’s focus or a particular skill or ability in addition to financial support. Under the wider Earth Investigations Program, which is funded by Arcadia, this award is administered by the Meliore Foundation.

Size of Grant

A total of €50,000 will be made available and split among all supported studies.

Meliore provides support for the program.

The Requirements

A proposal for a journalistic inquiry concerning a topic involving European fossil fuel businesses and their proxies both inside and outside of the continent can be submitted by cross-border teams consisting of at least two professional journalists and/or news outlets.

How to Take advantages of the Grant

To access our online application form, you must first register once using your email address. You are free to move around the form to check what details are required for your application. This comprises:

  • Information about the team members
  • Details regarding the planned inquiry
  • a thorough budget that follows our budget template
  • Details regarding the planned publication channels, such as news outlets’ letters of intent

Additionally, you will need to provide a few administrative files.

A draft application can be started by one team member. Then, he or she might extend an invitation to other people to work together on the online draft. The web application that is now being worked on can be saved and changed at any moment.

Note: The application deadline is 11 June 2024, click here to apply, for additional details.

In conclusion, the Fossil Fuel Grants Programme is an essential step forward in the fight against climate change and our dependence on fossil fuels. By investing in innovative projects that promote clean energy solutions and sustainable practices.
This program is paving the way for a greener, more resilient future. If you’re an organization or individual passionate about reducing our reliance on fossil fuels, this is your chance to make a real difference. Apply for a grant today and join the global movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable world.

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