MoA Technology Welcomes Hartmut van Lengerich as Chairman

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MoA Technology Welcomes Hartmut van Lengerich as Chairman: Charting a New Course in Agri-Biotech Innovation

MoA Technology, headquartered in Oxford, strides towards a new era with the appointment of Hartmut van Lengerich as its esteemed chairman.

The agricultural biotechnology firm, dedicated to combating the scourge of herbicide-resistant weeds, marks a significant chapter in its journey with this pivotal leadership addition.

Hartmut brings forth a wealth of expertise cultivated through three decades of strategic global roles in the agricultural domain.

A stalwart in the field, Hartmut’s illustrious career boasts a repertoire of pivotal positions. He steered the helm at Bayer Crop Science, serving in distinguished capacities such as CEO for Canada and Global Head of Cereals.

Notably, his oversight of the Crop Protection Portfolio, commanding a colossal $13 billion in worldwide sales, underscores his astute leadership prowess.

MoA Technology emerged in 2017 as an offshoot from the venerable University of Oxford. Since its inception, the company has thrived, burgeoning into a workforce of over 60 dedicated individuals.

Their collective mission revolves around pioneering synthetic and bioherbicides built on groundbreaking modes of action (MOAs) in the fight against herbicide-resistant weeds.

Scheduled to commence his tenure as non-executive chairman on January 1, 2024, Hartmut embarks on a transformative journey, aiming to steer MoA towards unprecedented growth.

However, his engagement with the company commences earlier, assuming the role of a strategic advisor and board observer.

This transitional phase heralds an exciting shift in leadership dynamics, marking a new epoch for the company.

Hartmut’s ascendancy comes in the wake of the departure of Hadyn Parry, MoA’s longstanding Chairman, who navigated the company through its nascent phases, steering it towards significant milestones.

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Hadyn, instrumental in laying the foundation stones of MoA, extends his involvement with the company as a consultant, ensuring a seamless transition.

Addressing his anticipation in joining MoA, Hartmut expressed profound optimism. “This juncture presents an opportune moment to become part of MoA’s narrative,” he shared.

His words resonate with a sense of purpose and determination, reflecting the company’s evolution from a research-focused entity to one forging ahead in the development and commercialization of pioneering herbicides.

At the heart of MoA’s innovation lies its unique capabilities to identify, comprehend, and craft new herbicides at an unparalleled pace and precision.

By harnessing a proprietary blend of biotech and AI-based plant discovery engines, the company accelerates the identification and development of game-changing herbicides.

Hartmut’s eagerness to contribute to MoA’s trajectory underscores his commitment to leveraging its strengths and propelling the company towards greater heights.

His vision aligns with the company’s mission, which is deeply rooted in sustainable agricultural practices and combating the global challenge of herbicide-resistant weeds.

In embracing Hartmut van Lengerich as its new chairman, MoA Technology sets sail on a promising voyage, propelled by innovation and guided by a seasoned leader poised to lead the company into a transformative phase of growth and development.



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