Rudi Seim Takes Charge in Transforming Aquaculture in Norway

Rudi Seim Takes Charge in Transforming Aquaculture in Norway
Rudi Seim Takes Charge in Transforming Aquaculture in Norway

Innovasea’s 2023 Bold Move: Rudi Seim Takes Charge in Transforming Aquaculture in Norway

Innovasea, a leading aquaculture technology provider rooted in the United States, has made a strategic move aimed at reshaping the landscape of Norwegian aquaculture.

The focal point of this strategic shift rests upon the appointment of Rudi Seim as the new managing director of Innovasea’s Bergen office.

Seim brings with him an extensive wealth of experience, boasting over 15 years of involvement in the global aquaculture industry, notably as the former head of production Norway and global fish health at Benchmark Genetics.

The decision to entrust Seim with this pivotal role has drawn commendation from David Kelly, Innovasea’s CEO.

Kelly has applauded Seim’s comprehensive grasp of market intricacies, established network within the industry, and specialised proficiency in genetics and egg production.

These attributes stand poised to propel Innovasea’s ventures in Norway to unprecedented heights, underscoring the company’s steadfast commitment to trailblazing advancements in aquaculture technologies.

Seim, brimming with enthusiasm about this new chapter in his career, has extolled Innovasea’s unyielding dedication to research and development.

He lauds the company’s pioneering efforts in driving technological innovations within the fish farming sector, expressing his eagerness to contribute from within.

His academic credentials, including degrees in economics and administration, executive management, and aquamedicine from esteemed Norwegian institutions, underscore his preparedness to lead Innovasea’s endeavours in Norway.

Innovasea’s operational expanse extends beyond borders, encompassing six branches in North America and strategically positioned offices in Norway, Chile, Greece, and Tasmania.

The company, supported by Cuna Del Mar, a sustainable aquaculture investment fund spearheaded by Christy Walton, is renowned for supplying cutting-edge equipment catering to both sea-based and land-based fish farming practices.

Cuna Del Mar’s interests are not confined solely to Innovasea; they extend to include the Centre for Aquaculture Technologies, Open Blue, an open ocean cobia producer, and Sol Azul, dedicated to Pacific oyster cultivation within the El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve in Baja California.

Seim’s assumption of leadership at Innovasea signifies not just a change in management but a potential transformation of Norway’s aquaculture landscape.

This appointment underscores Innovasea’s relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation, positioning the company as a frontrunner in shaping the future of aquaculture in Norway and globally.


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