Alderney Residents Engage in Shaping the Future Landscape of Nature and Farming

Alderney Residents Engage in Shaping the Future Landscape of Nature and Farming
The States of Alderney is to consult all of the island’s households about plans to safeguard its Second World War heritage sites. Pictured at Sylt concentration camp are, left right, Gilly Carr, Alderney President William Tate, Lord Eric Pickles, Alderney States Member and chairman of the Policy and Finance committee Bill Abel, and Sally Sealey of the UK Holocaust Memorial Foundation. (Picture supplied by David Nash)

Alderney Residents Engage in Shaping the Future Landscape of Nature and Farming

In Brief:

  • Alderney residents are invited to shape the future of nature and farming through the 2024 draft Nature and Agriculture Strategy.
  • The strategy emphasizes sustainable food production and encourages residents to be citizen scientists, actively engaging in safeguarding Alderney’s environment.
  • A four-week public consultation, including a drop-in session on February 28th, provides a platform for residents to contribute, ensuring a democratic decision-making process.

In a compelling endeavor to forge the future trajectory of nature and farming in Alderney, residents are urged to actively contribute their perspectives to the 2024 draft Nature and Agriculture Strategy.

This comprehensive strategy holds the key to navigating critical issues such as food production, sustainable agricultural practices, and the preservation of Alderney’s unique natural resources.

Lin Maurice, Chair of the General Services Committee (GSC), expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort that went into crafting the proposed strategy.

She highlighted the focus on food production, sustainability, and the safeguarding of Alderney’s remarkable natural environment.

“A lot of hard work has gone into this proposed Strategy,” Maurice emphasized.

The strategy is strategically designed not only to boost food production but also to address the broader goal of safeguarding the environment for future generations.

Residents are encouraged not only to cultivate their fruits and vegetables but also to embrace the role of citizen scientists.

Maurice envisions a community-wide participation where everyone plays a part in understanding and protecting Alderney’s natural wonders.

At the heart of this public engagement initiative is a four-week consultation period, culminating in a pivotal drop-in session at the Island Hall scheduled for February 28th, running from 10:00 to 14:00 GMT.

This session aims to provide an accessible platform for residents to voice their opinions and contribute to the ongoing dialogue regarding the proposed strategy.

Maurice underscored the importance of citizen involvement in shaping the strategy, stating,

“It encourages people not only to grow their own fruit and vegetables where possible but also for everyone to be a citizen scientist.”

This holistic approach ensures that the community actively participates in decisions that impact the very fabric of Alderney’s agricultural and natural landscape.

Residents are invited to share their feedback during this consultation period, and their insights will be meticulously considered by the General Services Committee during its March meeting.

This democratic process ensures that the diverse perspectives of the community are taken into account before any definitive decisions are made.

The culmination of this collaborative effort will be the submission of a comprehensive report to the full States of Alderney meeting in May.

This transparent and inclusive approach to decision-making ensures that the voices of the residents echo through the corridors of governance.

For those eager to delve into the details of the strategy and provide their valuable feedback, the official online platform offers a comprehensive overview.

The engagement of residents in this process is not just encouraged; it is seen as essential in charting the course for Alderney’s future in a manner that resonates with the community’s values and aspirations.

As Alderney residents step forward to be active contributors to the strategy, they become architects of the island’s sustainable future.

This participatory approach, according yo the BBC, ensures that the decisions made today resonate with the essence of Alderney, securing a legacy of balanced and responsible stewardship for generations to come.

Full details of the strategy and a feedback form can be found online.

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