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Team up for climate 2024! Adapting and living together in the face of climate risks

Egis Foundation Team Up for Climate Challenge 2024: Fostering Innovation for Climate Resilience

In Brief:

  • This theme encapsulates the challenge’s core objective, emphasizing the need for innovative solutions that foster adaptation and communal resilience in the context of climate risks. It invites participants to explore ideas and projects that not only address the immediate challenges posed by climate change but also promote a collaborative and sustainable way of living.
  • This challenge welcomes the creative input of a diverse global community, specifically targeting students, interns, and young professionals. By casting a wide net, it aims to harness a broad range of perspectives and talents, fostering a collective response to the urgent issue of climate change. The inclusive eligibility criteria encourage individuals from various backgrounds to contribute their unique insights and skills to the challenge.
  • The substantial €30,000 prize pool serves as a powerful incentive, recognizing and rewarding the efforts of participants. The prizes extend beyond mere monetary value, offering boosts for launching winning projects and individual financial planning coaching. This holistic approach to rewards not only acknowledges outstanding ideas but also supports the practical implementation of projects, ensuring a meaningful and lasting impact. The combination of cash prizes and additional support reflects a commitment to nurturing and realizing the potential of innovative solutions addressing climate risks.


Application Deadline: March 25, 2024

The Egis Foundation extends a global invitation to students, interns, and young professionals to embark on a journey of innovation and collaboration in the realm of climate resilience. With a total prize pool of €30,000, this challenge presents an opportunity for visionary minds to address the crucial theme of “Adapting and Living Together in the Face of Climate Risks.”

About Egis Foundation

Dedicated to making a tangible impact on climate change, the Egis Foundation annually supports over 500 individuals from more than 50 countries. By engaging with real-life challenges in their communities, participants work towards fostering adaptation to climate change. In this third edition of the challenge, the Egis Foundation takes a significant leap forward in providing substantial support to projects, offering them a real chance of becoming a reality.

Challenge Requirements

This challenge is open to:

  • Students
  • Interns
  • Trainees from EGIS
  • Young graduates

Prize Details

The Egis Foundation offers an impressive array of prizes to motivate and reward the participants:

Grand Prize:

  • €1,000 per team member
  • Study Trip and Awards Ceremony in Paris
  • Individual financial planning coaching with MakeSense
  • BOOST €7,000 (conditioned) to ensure project continuity 6 to 8 months later

2nd Prize:

  • €750 per team member
  • Individual financial planning coaching with MakeSense
  • BOOST €4,000 (conditioned) to ensure project continuity 6 to 8 months later

3rd Prize (Egis Employee Special Prize):

  • €500 per team member
  • Individual financial planning coaching with MakeSense
  • BOOST €3,000 (conditioned) to ensure project continuity 6 to 8 months later


Participants can submit projects in the following categories:

  1. Inform and raise awareness:
    • How can we raise awareness of local climate risks and better inform local populations to help them take action?
  2. Anticipate and prepare:
    • How can we better anticipate climate risks and help populations improve their ability to recover after a catastrophe?
  3. Protect:
    • How can we implement solutions to protect people at risk and reduce their vulnerability?

Benefits of Participation

  1. Global Collaboration:
    • Join forces with students from all over the world, fostering a rich exchange of ideas and perspectives.
  2. Entrepreneurship Experience:
    • Engage in collective workshops with MakeSense, an NGO specializing in social innovation, to develop and refine your project.
  3. Mentoring and guidance:
    • Benefit from team mentoring with Egis professionals to provide valuable insights and guidance for project development.
  4. Career Opportunities and Alumni Network:
    • Seize the opportunity to meet Egis teams, explore professions during office visits, and join the Team Up for Climate Alumni network.

How to Apply

To be a part of this transformative challenge, follow these steps:

  1. Confirm your eligibility as a student, intern, trainee from EGIS, or young graduate.
  2. Access the of the Egis Foundation Team Up for Climate Challenge to submit your application.

Get This!

The Egis Foundation Team Up for Climate Challenge 2024 stands as a testament to the power of collective innovation in addressing climate change. By offering substantial prizes, mentoring, and global networking opportunities, this challenge is a call to action for the youth to contribute transformative solutions to climate resilience. As the deadline approaches, let your ideas flourish and join the movement towards a more sustainable and resilient future.

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