Federal Government Unveils Agricultural Value Chain as 456,000 Farmers Set to Thrive in Seven States

Federal Government Launches Agricultural Value Chain Initiative Benefiting 456,000 Farmers Across Seven States

Federal Government Launches Agricultural Value Chain Initiative Benefiting 456,000 Farmers Across Seven Nigerian States

News Summary:

  • 456,000 Farmers Benefit: The Federal Ministry of Agriculture launches an initiative, Value Chain North Project Design Mission, in seven northern states. Aimed at enhancing agricultural production and food security, it targets 456,000 farmers.
  • Project Goals: The initiative aims to bolster the agricultural value chain, ensuring increased food production, improved citizen livelihoods, job creation, and addressing societal issues like insecurity and crime.
  • Strategic Measures: The project includes distributing free seeds to farmers, processors, and marketers, intending to encourage value addition to agricultural produce and revive the strategic grain reserve to stabilise prices and increase farmers’ profits.

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has kicked off a transformative agricultural value chain endeavour, aiming to bolster agricultural output and secure the nation’s food needs.

Named the Value Chain North Project Design Mission, this collaborative effort between the ministry and the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is set to unfold across seven northern states, extending its benefits to approximately 456,000 farmers.

Bukar Musa, Director of the Project Coordinating Unit at the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, highlighted in Maiduguri during the project’s launch that its core objective revolves around amplifying the agricultural value chain. Their primary aims encompass fortifying food security and fostering economic enhancement.

This project is geared towards not only increasing food production but also uplifting the livelihoods of our citizens, according to Musa.

He further elaborated, stating,

It would ensure we address food insecurity, enhance the security of locals, create job opportunity, employment for our teeming youths and ultimately address all of crimes and criminality in our society.

Musa stressed the importance of input from stakeholders involved in agricultural production to enrich the project’s blueprint and ensure its sustainability.

Representing Borno State’s Commissioner for Agriculture, Bawu Musami, Darman Mohammed, the Programme Manager for the State Agricultural Development Project, elucidated that the project’s execution plan includes the distribution of complimentary seeds to farmers, processors, and marketers. This initiative aims to kickstart value addition for agricultural produce.

“With this project, We expect the strategic grain reserve to be resuscitated because, at the peak of the harvest period, farmers experience a fall in prices,” Mohammed noted.

He further emphasised that the strategic reserves would enable farmers to store their produce until they could secure higher profits. This move is poised to provide greater stability and economic assurance to farmers.

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