Insecurity Halting Benue’s Path to Dominance in Rice Farming – Insights from IFAD Coordinator

Benue's Rice Farming
A Barrier to Benue's Rice Farming, Insights from IFAD Coordinator

Navigating Insecurity: A Barrier to Benue’s Rice Farming, Insights from IFAD Coordinator

In a recent dialogue that resonated deeply within the agricultural corridors of Benue, Mr. Emmanuel Igbaukum, the State Programme Coordinator for the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)-Value Chain Development Programme (VCDP), shared poignant observations about the state’s struggle with insecurity and its dire consequences for rice cultivation.

During a pivotal advocacy visit to Mr. Michael Oglegba, the Commissioner for Finance, in Makurdi, Igbaukum illuminated the profound impact of insecurity on the aspirations of Benue to claim the coveted title of the nation’s foremost rice producer.

Igbaukum lamented while highlighting the pervasive nature of security challenges undermining the agricultural landscape

“If insecurity in the state is tackled, Benue will take the lead in the what is tren production of rice in the country.

“Most rice farmers in the state are living in crisis-prone areas.

The gravity of this situation extends beyond economic realms; it profoundly affects the fabric of food security. Insecurity acts as a formidable barrier to the implementation of robust farming practices, hindering the state’s potential to serve as a breadbasket for rice farming.

In the face of these adversities, Igbaukum illuminated the remarkable strides achieved by IFAD-VCDP.

He emphasized the pivotal role played by comprehensive training in Good Agronomic Practices (GAP), which has catalyzed a remarkable surge in farmers’ yields.

Armed with this knowledge, farmers optimize the application of fertilizers, significantly enhancing crop quality and overall productivity.

Furthermore, the ripple effect of IFAD-VCDP’s interventions extends beyond immediate agricultural productivity. It breathes new life into the realm of youth engagement, actively encouraging and empowering the younger generation to embrace agriculture as a conduit for societal well-being.

Oglegba, in response, echoed the sentiment of solidarity and unwavering commitment to partnership, affirming continuous support for IFAD-VCDP’s initiatives aimed at fortifying agricultural development in Benue.

The issue of insecurity in Benue has manifested as a barrier to the realization of its agricultural potential. The repercussions echo across various facets of the state’s socio-economic fabric, reflecting the intricate link between security and agricultural prosperity.

“Persistent insecurity is hampering good farming practices, thereby affecting food security,” Igbaukum said.

Beyond the immediate concerns, the narrative also pivots towards a narrative of resilience and progress. IFAD-VCDP’s interventions emerge as a beacon of hope, offering practical solutions and empowerment to farmers, thereby fortifying the foundation for a resilient agricultural landscape.

In conclusion, Benue’s rice farming narrative is intertwined with both challenges and optimism.

While insecurity poses significant hurdles, concerted efforts led by IFAD-VCDP and supported by stakeholders like Oglegba signify a collective resolve to navigate through these obstacles towards a future where Benue rightfully claims its position as a beacon of rice farming excellence.


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