Kano ACReSAL Set to Transform Landscape with 10 Million Tree Plantation

Kano ACReSAL Set to Transform Landscape with 10 Million Tree Plantation
Kano ACReSAL Set to Transform Landscape with 10 Million Tree Plantation

Kano ACReSAL Set to Transform Landscape with 10 Million Tree Plantation


  • Dr. Hashim leads ACReSAL, aiming to plant 10 million trees in Kano State over 4 years to fight desertification and boost agricultural strength.
  • The initiative plans to plant 2.5 million trees a year, collaborating with groups for a widespread afforestation effort and improving air quality and soil health.
  • ACreSAL’s joint efforts with the World Bank and Nigerian governments combat deforestation, aid farming with a dam project, and empower local groups for lasting environmental impact.

Dr. Dahir Muhammad Hashim, spearheading the ACReSAL initiative, has unveiled an ambitious plan to transform the landscape of Kano State by planting over 10 million trees within the next four years.

The primary focus of this expansive project is to combat desertification, confront the adverse effects of climate change, and fortify the resilience of the region’s agricultural land.

In a recent interview broadcast on a local radio station, Dr. Hashim meticulously outlined a strategic blueprint aimed at planting 2.5 million trees annually, commencing this year.

The initiative is a collaborative effort involving civil society organisations and other agencies, aspiring for a comprehensive afforestation approach that encompasses various geographical zones, including major city roads.

The significance of these trees extends beyond their role in mitigating climate change; they are envisaged to play a multifaceted role. Alongside their climate-related benefits, the trees are expected to improve air quality, enrich soil fertility, and reduce evapotranspiration rates.

Dr. Hashim underscored the dedication of all stakeholders to overcome past hurdles and attain the objectives set by the project.

ACReSAL forged through a collaborative partnership involving the World Bank, the Federal Government of Nigeria, and nineteen northern state governments, aims to combat deforestation through innovative measures.

One such initiative involves distributing fuel-efficient cooking stoves to address the issue. Moreover, the project intends to allocate specific woodlots to regulate logging activities, thereby curtailing further environmental degradation.

Dr. Hashim also revealed plans aimed at boosting food production, including the construction of a mini-dam in Yan Sabo, Tofa Local Government Area.

This strategic move is set to benefit over two thousand farmers, offering them new opportunities for enhanced agricultural productivity. Furthermore, the initiative is actively addressing uncontrolled sand mining, identified as a threat to both lives and the environment.

To sustain the momentum of their efforts, Kano ACReSAL has procured cleaning tools and refuse evacuation resources, which are being distributed among self-help groups.

These community-based groups play a pivotal role in the ongoing and expanding environmental initiatives spearheaded by ACReSAL. Their involvement ensures a sustained and enduring positive impact on the state’s ecological well-being and agricultural productivity.



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