Martin Lishman Debuts Cutting-Edge Soil Testing Kits for Farming Success

Martin Lishman Debuts Cutting-Edge Soil Testing Kits for Farming Success
Martin Lishman Debuts Cutting-Edge Soil Testing Kits for Farming Success

Martin Lishman Debuts Cutting-Edge Soil Testing Kits for Farming Success

In brief:

  • Leading supplier of agricultural solutions Martin Lishman introduces a cutting-edge line of soil testing kits to replace Palintest’s discontinued products.
  • The new line promises swift and accurate field analysis, catering to farmers’ needs for precise soil composition assessment.
  • Complementing their extensive toolkit, these kits integrate seamlessly with Martin Lishman’s existing soil monitoring solutions, offering comprehensive soil health analysis at varying depths and types.

Martin Lishman, renowned for pioneering agricultural solutions, introduces a breakthrough addition to their catalogue: an innovative series of soil analysis tools designed to offer swift, precise, and dependable field assessments.

Understanding soil composition stands as a cornerstone for maximising crop productivity while ensuring environmental sustainability by preventing excessive fertilisation. Responding to industry demands, particularly following the discontinuation of Palintest’s soil test range, Martin Lishman proudly reinstates a comprehensive line of soil analysis tools, promising soil sample evaluations on par with traditional lab methods.

Joel Capper, Managing Director of Martin Lishman Ltd., highlights the significance of this renewed offering: “Amidst the escalating focus on soil health, our soil analysis range has consistently delivered over the last 17 years. Reintroducing an extensive array of soil testing tools is a boon for customers seeking deeper insights into their soil’s condition.”

The assortment encompasses portable digital devices for assessing temperature, conductivity (EC), and pH, alongside a professional agricultural test kit employing specially formulated reagents for swift and accurate N, P, and K tests. Martin Lishman offers diverse, cost-effective packages, ensuring users access to all essentials for at least 25 tests, with options for additional reagents and consumables to expand testing capacity.

These state-of-the-art soil analysis kits seamlessly integrate with Martin Lishman’s wide-ranging soil samplers, compaction testers, and temperature monitoring solutions, presenting a comprehensive toolkit for assessing soil health across various types and depths.

Explore the intricacies of the soil test kits and their detailed specifications at Witness the new range firsthand at the Martin Lishman stand during the 2024 LAMMA event, taking place on January 17th and 18th, 2024, at NEC, Birmingham, in Hall 7, stand 450.

The new invention by Martin Lishman no doubt changes the game on soil testing kits and how we look after our farmlands. The company’s commitment to precision, user-friendliness, and deep knowledge of soil health reinforces Martin Lishman’s mission to stand by farmers, empowering them with the tools to foster their land for improved harvests and a greener world.


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