Unprecedented Growth: Ukrainian Farmers Celebrate Record-Breaking 74 Million Ton Harvest

Unprecedented Growth: Ukrainian Farmers Celebrate Record-Breaking 74 Million Ton Harvest
Unprecedented Growth: Ukrainian Farmers Celebrate Record-Breaking 74 Million Ton Harvest

Unprecedented Growth: Ukrainian Farmers Celebrate Record-Breaking 74 Million-Ton Harvest

Amidst the crisp mid-November air, Ukraine’s agricultural heartlands witnessed a magnificent feat as the diligent hands of Ukrainian farmers reaped nearly 74 million tons of the freshest produce.

This bountiful harvest included a rich tapestry of 53 million 780.8 thousand tons of grains and 20 million 239 thousand tons of oilseeds, which together painted a picture of agricultural success throughout the country’s fields.

The sprawling expanse of 10,104 thousand hectares served as the canvas upon which these agricultural marvels were sketched. Let’s journey through the intricate details of this harvest, a testament to both nature’s generosity and the farmers’ dedication.

Corn, an emblem of resilience and sustenance, unfurled its golden abundance across 3,195 thousand hectares. The fields yielded 74.2 c/ha, reaping a staggering harvest of 23 million 707 thousand tons.

Wheat, standing tall and proud over 4,694.5 thousand hectares, was bestowed upon the land by 22 million 409 thousand tons, boasting a yield of 47.7 c/ha. The sturdy barley, flourishing across 1,504.5 thousand hectares, contributed 5 million 890 thousand tons, exhibiting a yield of 39.2 c/ha.

The tender peas, sown across 154.4 thousand hectares, offered a delicate yet significant yield of 398.2 thousand tons at 25.8 c/ha.

The hardy buckwheat, spanning 139.6 thousand hectares, garnered 207.1 thousand tons at 14.8 c/ha. The modest millet, occupying 79.2 thousand hectares, shared a yield of 179 thousand tons at 22.6 c/ha.

Furthermore, other grains and pulses covering 337.4 thousand hectares contributed 991 thousand tons to this splendid harvest.

Across the verdant plains sprawled the realm of oilseeds, spreading its wings over 8,139 thousand hectares, each hectare whispering tales of abundance and growth:

  • The sunseed, a symbol of vitality, flourished across 4,947 thousand hectares, gifting the land an abundant 11 million 586 thousand tons of seeds at a yield of 23.4 c/ha.
  • Soybeans, with their versatility and resilience, spanned 1,796.2 thousand hectares, contributing 4,750 thousand tons at a yield of 26.4 c/ha.
  • Rapeseed, having concluded its growth cycle across 1,396 thousand hectares, presented a harvest of 4.5 million tons of seeds at 28.7 c/ha.

Meanwhile, the ongoing endeavor of harvesting sugar beet, spread across 227.1 thousand hectares, continues to yield sweet rewards.

To date, the land has offered up 10 million, 816 thousand tons of these sweet roots, boasting a commendable yield of 476.2 c/ha.

In specific regions like Zaporizhzhia and Mykolaiv, the toiling hands of farmers have successfully completed the arduous yet rewarding task of harvesting all crops.

These regions stand as emblems of dedication and triumph, marking the culmination of a prosperous and fruit-laden season, one that shall be etched in the annals of Ukrainian agriculture.



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