Wet Weather Ahead: Soil Conditions Set to Deteriorate, Met Éireann Warns

Wet Weather Ahead

Wet Weather Ahead: Soil Conditions Set to Deteriorate, Met Éireann Warns

Key Takeaways

  • Wetter Weather Ahead: Met Éireann forecasts a wetter-than-normal week, with rainfall amounts two to four times higher than usual.
  • Soil Conditions to Deteriorate: Expect waterlogged soils across poorly drained and moderately drained areas, while all other soil types will be saturated.
  • Temperature Shifts and Limited Sunshine: Mean air temperatures to rise slightly, but below-normal sunshine expected; farmers advised to prepare for moderate or poor drying conditions.


As April showers descend upon us, Met Éireann has issued a forecast that may dampen the spirits of farmers and gardeners alike. Brace yourselves for a wetter-than-normal week ahead, as the national forecaster predicts rainfall amounts that could be two to four times higher than usual. This news, released on Tuesday, April 2, paints a soggy picture for the days to come.

The west and southwest regions are expected to bear the brunt of the downpour, with poorly drained soils and some moderately drained ones likely to become waterlogged. Even other soil types won’t escape unscathed, as they’re expected to be saturated across the board. Essentially, it’s shaping up to be a week where even the driest patches of earth will be sporting a soggy disposition.

According to the latest data from Met Éireann, the past week has already seen its fair share of rainfall discrepancies across the Emerald Isle. Munster, south Leinster, and Ulster experienced a deluge, with rainfall measuring between 130% and 220% of the average. Meanwhile, Connacht and north Leinster were relatively spared, with rainfall hovering between 50% and 100% of the average.

In terms of temperatures, the past seven days have been a mixed bag, with mean air temperatures lingering around average or slightly below. The mercury danced between 6° in the chilly northwest and 8° in the comparatively balmy south. Despite this, soil temperatures have remained relatively stable, hovering near or above normal levels.

Looking ahead, the forecast suggests a slight uptick in temperatures, with mean air temperatures expected to rise to approximately 8°-10°. However, the prospect of warmer weather may be overshadowed by the gloomy forecast of below-normal sunshine. While the past week saw brighter skies in most areas, western coastal regions experienced a slightly duller outlook.

Last week’s weather report offered a snapshot of the sunshine variance across the country. Shannon Airport basked in 43.7 hours of sunlight, making it the sunniest spot, while Belmullet, Mayo, saw a more modest 22.2 hours. These numbers serve as a reminder that even amidst the rain, pockets of sunshine persist, albeit intermittently.

Despite the impending deluge, according to Agriland, farmers and gardeners are urged to remain vigilant. Drying conditions are expected to be moderate or poor, which could hamper agricultural activities such as spraying. So, while the rain may nourish the soil, it may also pose challenges for those tending to the land.

As we prepare for a week of precipitation, it’s essential to heed the advice of Met Éireann and adapt accordingly. Whether it’s donning rain boots or adjusting planting schedules, staying informed is key to weathering the storm. So, as the raindrops fall and the soil softens, let’s embrace the moisture and hope for brighter days ahead. After all, every rain shower brings with it the promise of new growth and rejuvenation, a sentiment echoed in nature’s ever-revolving cycle.

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