Applications Invited for D-Prize Competition 2024

D-Prize Competition
The D-Prize Competition is calling for innovative minds to tackle the world’s most pressing development challenges. Founded in 2014, this global initiative awards a total of $20,000 to pilot projects that focus on distributing proven poverty solutions to those in need.
Whether you’re a social entrepreneur, a community leader, or just someone passionate about making a positive impact, the D-Prize Competition offers an opportunity to turn your ideas into action.
With past winners hailing from countries like India, Kenya, and Brazil, the D-Prize Competition has become a hub for creative solutions to global poverty.

D-Prize Competition Details 2024

D-Prize is a grant-funded NGO that works to alleviate extreme poverty. We seed social impact organizations that otherwise wouldn’t exist. Most innovators in low- and middle-income countries do not have access to startup money, so we provide altruistic seed funding to help their enterprises, NGOs, and charities get started.

We value evidence-based impact. The world already has cost-effective products & services addressing poverty, and we explicitly fund organizations to deliver these at scale where there is still need. Our objective is to see existing high-impact poverty initiatives made universally accessible.

We provide startup grants of up to $20,000 to entrepreneurs starting new businesses. We believe that the world needs more social impact organizations, thus we fund for-profit initiatives, non-governmental organizations, and charities. We fund groups in any low- or middle-income country where extreme poverty persists.

We believe that social impact organizations are ideally positioned to market an existing product or service that has been proven to improve lives in areas where it is still needed. View the D-Prize Challenges and choose one of the high-impact goods or services that require broader global access.

Our seed funding is intended to serve as the foundation for your organization’s expansion to a larger scale.


The D-Prize is for new organizations. Most of our honorees are first-time entrepreneurs. Most have not yet started their organization, nor have they raised further funds. We especially encourage those from low- and middle-income nations to apply.

We will only evaluate proposals from existing organizations if their primary focus is on spreading an existing, evidence-based poverty intervention. We normally do not sponsor groups with more than 18 months of full-time operations or those who have raised more than USD 30,000 in outside funding.

How To Apply

  • Earliest Registration Deadline: June 23, 2024, at midnight PT (Pacific Time).
  • Ordinary Submission Deadline: July 14, 2024, at midnight PT (Pacific Time).
  • The competition is active! Download the application packet.

Send Concept Notes and Resumes to:

Click here to apply

In conclusion, the D-Prize Competition is a powerful catalyst for innovation and progress in the fight against global poverty. By supporting pilot projects that focus on distributing proven solutions, this initiative is helping to transform lives and communities around the world.
If you’re an established social entrepreneur or just starting on your journey, the D-Prize Competition offers a unique opportunity to put your ideas into action and create lasting change.
So, if you’re passionate about making a difference, apply for the D-Prize Competition today and join the movement towards a more equitable and sustainable future.

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