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Climate Transformation Fund 2024
Climate Transformation Fund 2024

Unveiling the Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund’s Impactful Odyssey


  • Supported by a diverse group of donors, including Klarna, Spotify, and others, the fund has allocated 8 million USD to 30 projects since its inception. The CTF’s mission goes beyond carbon compensation, focusing on projects lacking mainstream support to foster the growth of novel climate solutions.
  • The CTF strategically selects projects in durable carbon removal, nature restoration, and climate advocacy, favoring those where support can catalyze substantial differences. In durable carbon removal, the fund distinguishes itself by excluding certain projects, emphasizing catalytic deployment of funds for early-stage technologies and scaling mature solutions.
  • As the CTF prepares for its fourth allocation round, a call for proposals echoes across three pillars: durable carbon removal, nature restoration, and climate advocacy. The fund actively seeks projects directly implementing solutions, excluding marketplaces and apps, and invites passionate contributors to register interest for the 2025 allocation round.


👋 Welcome to an immersive exploration of the Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund (CTF), a beacon of hope in the relentless pursuit of global net-zero emissions. Launched in 2021, the CTF has burgeoned into a catalyst for pioneering projects that hold the key to a sustainable future. Our narrative unfurls with a commitment to unravel the CTF’s mission and its distinctive approach to navigating the intricate web of the climate crisis.

The Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund: A Charitable Endeavor

In the ever-evolving landscape of climate action, the Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund stands not merely as a financial entity but as a transformative force. Since its establishment in 2021, the CTF has been dedicated to fostering solutions with enduring climate impacts. This commitment transcends the confines of narrow carbon compensation claims, embracing a holistic perspective that acknowledges the multifaceted challenges posed by the climate crisis.

The Framework for Global Impact

To combat the complex and multifaceted climate crisis, the CTF has meticulously devised a comprehensive framework. This framework extends beyond financial contributions; it beckons a call for collective action. A diverse array of entities, including individuals and prominent companies like Klarna, Spotify, ING Bank, Pangaia, Northzone, Mentimeter, and others, have united to support 30 projects with a cumulative allocation of 8 million USD since 2021.

Maximizing Impactful Donations

The core aspiration of the CTF revolves around the maximization of donation impact. While wind and solar power projects may already be economically viable in significant parts of the world, the CTF broadens its focus to encompass projects that lack mainstream market support. These include initiatives in carbon removal and support for nonprofit groups advocating policy change. The CTF is resolute in its commitment to supporting projects that hinge on external contributions, fostering the growth of novel solutions.

How Projects Are Meticulously Chosen

The process of selecting projects within the CTF hinges on three fundamental areas: durable carbon removal, nature restoration and protection, and climate advocacy. These aren’t just buzzwords but strategic pillars designed to elicit a lasting impact. The CTF distinguishes itself by not merely focusing on high-quality projects but by deliberately favoring those where support can catalyze substantial differences.

Durable Carbon Removal: Pioneering Change

Within the realm of durable carbon removal, the CTF strives to facilitate the extraction of CO₂ from the atmosphere with a focus on long-term storage. The fund meticulously excludes certain projects from this pillar, such as CCS/CCU and carbon storage with insecure or short storage times. Its focus is on catalytically deploying funds to support early-stage technologies and scale more mature solutions like biochar.

Call for Proposals: Sculpting the Future Landscape

As the CTF gears up for its fourth allocation round, a resounding call for proposals resonates through the climate community. This year’s thematic focus spans three pillars: durable carbon removal, nature restoration and protection, and climate advocacy. The CTF actively seeks projects directly involved in implementing solutions, excluding marketplaces, MRV providers, and apps from consideration.

For those impassioned to contribute to the climate cause, the CTF extends an exclusive invitation to register interest for the 2025 allocation round here.

In conclusion, the Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund transcends the conventional role of a financial supporter; it emerges as a dynamic catalyst for change, propelling innovations that promise a sustainable and climate-resilient future.


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