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HCLTech Grant Edition 10tht
The HCLTech Grant Edition 10th is here! The renowned Indian multinational IT services company, HCLTech, has opened the application portal for the much-anticipated HCLTech Grant X.
This program offers a unique opportunity for tech startups to take their innovative ideas to the next level with expert mentorship and funding.
The HCLTech Grant is more than just financial support – it’s an incubation program that aims to nurture and accelerate the growth of promising startups in India’s dynamic tech landscape.

Overview of the HCLTech Grant Edition 10th

HCLTech Grant, launched in 2015, is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commitment by HCLTech through the HCL Foundation to enhance and empower the NGO ecosystem. HCLTech Grant is currently focused on identifying innovative rural development approaches and is given in three thematic categories: environment, health, and education.

We take this occasion to announce a substantial adjustment in eligibility criteria, which will allow more NGOs to apply.

The average expenditure over the last three fiscal years has decreased from 1 crore to 0.50 crore for NGOs applying in the Health and Education category. It remains the same for the Environment category: at least 50 lakhs or more.

We are pleased to offer Edition X of the HCLTech Grant. Please click here to apply and submit your application.

The HCLTech Grant provides a 4-year grant of ₹5 Crores (-US$0.65 Million) to winning NGOs in the Environment, Health, and Education categories. The other two finalists in each category receive a grant of 25 lakhs (-US$ 0.03 million) for a one-year project. Thus, the total pledged funds for HCLTech Grant Edition X are 16.5 crores (-US$2.2 million).

The application portal for HCLTech Grant Edition X is already live, and the application deadline is June 25, 2024. As always, this is a new edition. NGOs that have already registered and applied are encouraged to participate again.

They would have to reregister. They can always register with the same credentials. HCLTech Grant involves an open and rigorous selection procedure. We invite previously applied NGOs to make use of this chance to strengthen their ideas, apply with a new plan, or resubmit the same request.

Please keep in mind that applications for the HCLTech Grant are only accepted online. After filling out all of the forms and clicking the submit button, the application is considered complete. Registration alone does not constitute an application.

For any questions, please email [email protected] or call us at 1800 572 0608 (Monday through Friday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM).


The HCLTech Grant Edition 10th is a game-changer for innovative tech startups in India, offering not only funding but also valuable mentorship and networking opportunities.
The program aims to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the Indian tech ecosystem, paving the way for a brighter future. If you’re a startup with a groundbreaking idea, this is your chance to shine! Apply for the HCLTech Grant today and take the first step towards scaling your business and making your mark in the industry.

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