To Combat Climate Change Impact, Germany and Nigeria Forge Alliance

To Combat Climate Change Impact, Germany and Nigeria Forge Alliance

Germany and Nigeria Forge Alliance to Combat Climate Change Impact

Mrs. Annett Gunther, the German Ambassador to Nigeria, has revealed the collaborative efforts between Germany and Nigeria to tackle the pressing issue of climate change within Nigeria.

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In an interview conducted in Abuja on Monday, Mrs. Gunther highlighted the challenges Nigeria faces, particularly the recurring floods in certain regions. Stressing the importance of decarbonization and the reduction of emissions to combat climate change at its roots, Mrs. Gunther applauded Nigeria’s ambitious plan to achieve zero emissions by 2060.

Underlining the commitment of the German embassy to facilitate discussions aimed at supporting Nigeria in its ambitious climate objectives, particularly in the realm of energy transition, Mrs. Gunther reiterated the importance of ongoing dialogues.

She elaborated on the purpose of the German-Nigerian hydrogen diplomacy office, which focuses on facilitating meetings, conferences, and discussions centred around renewable energy sources, specifically hydrogen, to aid Nigeria in achieving its climate targets.

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Mrs. Gunther further emphasized the detrimental impact of climate change on agricultural practices, highlighting the unpredictability of weather patterns and the resultant challenges faced by farmers. She noted the diminishing availability of arable land and income sources due to climate change.

Addressing strategies to address resource scarcity, Mrs. Gunther mentioned the German government’s involvement in mediating disputes between communities and implementing development cooperation programs aimed at promoting drought-resistant crops to mitigate the impact of climate change on agriculture.

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