Apply for the Leventis Foundation’s Sustainable Agriculture Programme in 2024

Aspiring applicants can send their applications to any of the Leventis Foundation schools or the Foundation's headquarters.

Apply for the Leventis Foundation's Sustainable Agriculture Programme in 2024
Apply for the Leventis Foundation's Sustainable Agriculture Programme in 2024

Revolutionize Your Future: 5 Reasons to Join the Leventis Foundation’s Sustainable Agriculture Programme in 2024

The Leventis Foundation in Nigeria stands as a beacon of hope and opportunity for individuals aspiring to build a career in modern and sustainable agriculture.

Established back in 1987, this noble foundation has been fervently dedicated to training youths and farmers, with a core focus on instilling innovative and sustainable agricultural practices while conscientiously utilising natural resources.

Spread across various agro-ecological zones in Nigeria, the foundation has established six agricultural training schools.

These schools, co-funded by the Leventis Foundation and respective State Governments, have become pivotal hubs for nurturing a new generation of agriculturists poised to bring about a transformation in the field of agriculture.

The Offering:

At the heart of this endeavour is a comprehensive one-year training programme designed to offer participants a holistic understanding of diverse agricultural facets, intricate value chains, and the multifaceted aspects of agricultural business.

Remarkably, this entire programme is provided free of charge, aiming to cultivate a cohort of committed and practical farmers ready to steer an agricultural revolution within their communities.

Eligibility Criteria:

The programme warmly welcomes applications from both males and females aged between 18 and 40 years old.

To be considered, candidates should meet specific criteria, including physical fitness, basic literacy in English, a genuine passion for agriculture, and, ideally, a background in farming.

Application Process:

Prospective candidates are required to submit handwritten applications, delineating their fulfilment of the eligibility criteria. This application should encompass academic qualifications, references, photographs, and endorsements from either local government authorities or a Justice of Peace.

Aspiring applicants can send their applications to any of the Leventis Foundation schools or the Foundation’s headquarters.

Opportunities Beyond Training:

Beyond the one-year programme, the Leventis Foundation extends its offerings with a spectrum of consultancy services and short courses that span various sectors within agriculture.

These include processing and packaging, poultry production, vegetable cultivation, beekeeping, fish farming, and an array of other specialized areas. This holistic approach to agricultural education and entrepreneurship underscores the Foundation’s commitment to fostering comprehensive skills and knowledge.

Key Dates and Contacts:

Interested candidates are encouraged to take note of the application deadline on Friday, 15th December 2023, with the subsequent screening/examination scheduled for Saturday, 16th December 2023.

For further information or inquiries, individuals can reach out to Mrs. Janet Egbe-Owoicho, the designated contact person at Leventis Foundation, through the provided email ( or telephone (07 08 552 4233).

For a more comprehensive insight into this remarkable opportunity and to explore further details, feel free to visit the official Leventis Foundation website (

Additionally, to stay updated and engaged, consider following their social media platforms on Facebook (@Leventis Foundation Nigeria) and Twitter (@LeventisAgriSch).

Seize the Opportunity:

This is not merely a chance to refine your career path; it’s an opportunity to empower your community and contribute to a thriving agricultural ecosystem. Join hands with the Leventis Foundation’s Sustainable Agriculture Programme in 2024 and become an integral part of shaping a sustainable future in agriculture.


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