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The scholarships help fund reserach into various agricultural related topics

Exploring New Horizons: Nuffield Farming Scholarships Open for 2025

In Brief:

  • Nuffield Farming Scholarships 2025 Open: Applications are now being accepted for the Nuffield Farming Scholarships for 2025, offering a transformative experience for individuals aged 22 to 25.
  • Opportunity of a Lifetime: Rupert Alers-Hankey, Director of Nuffield Farming, describes the scholarship as a unique opportunity, providing not only financial support but also insights and learnings crucial for the ever-changing agriculture industry.
  • Elevate Your Career or Business: The scholarships serve as a gateway for personal and professional growth, offering a chance for aspiring individuals to take their careers or businesses to the next level. For more details on the application process, click the below link.


In a bid to nurture young talent and propel the agriculture sector forward, the Nuffield Scholarships Trust has officially opened applications for the 2025 Nuffield Farming Scholarships. This golden opportunity is extended to individuals aged between 22 and 25, offering not just financial support but a gateway to extensive research, academic study, and overseas exploration.

Rupert Alers-Hankey, the esteemed director of Nuffield Farming, expressed the profound impact of these scholarships, stating, “A Nuffield Farming Scholarship is the opportunity of a lifetime.” Alers-Hankey emphasized the transformative nature of the experience, not only for the scholars themselves but also for the dynamic agricultural industry.

These scholarships catalyze personal and professional growth, creating a platform for unparalleled insights and learning in an ever-evolving sector. Alers-Hankey believes it’s a fantastic opportunity for individuals aspiring to elevate their careers or businesses to new heights.

For those eager to seize this extraordinary chance, detailed information about the application process can be found below. Take the first step toward a transformative journey that promises to shape the future of agriculture.


  • Applicants must work within the farming, food, horticulture, rural, and associated industries or be in a position to influence these industries.
  • Applicants must be aged between 22 and 45 years (the upper age limit is 45 on July 31st in the year of application).
  • There is no requirement for academic qualifications.
  • Applicants will already be well established in their careers, demonstrate a passion for the industry they work in, and have three years of post-tertiary education.
  • Candidates must be residents of the UK, hold a UK passport, or be working directly for UK agriculture. For applicants outside of the UK, please see the Nuffield International website for more information on their scholarships.
  • The trust seeks people with very special qualities.
  • Scholarships are not awarded to anyone in full-time education or for further research projects.


  • Application forms must be submitted by July 31st each year.
  • Applications are made with confidence. Your application form will, however, be copied to members of the Selection Committee, representatives of award sponsors for the purpose of selection, and your regional representatives to help you prepare for the interview.
  • Your Nuffield Farming Regional Representative will make contact with you soon after you start your application form to offer help and advice with completing your application. Please make use of everything they offer.
  • If you experience any difficulty in completing your application form, please contact our Alumni Officer by email at [email protected].
  • You will not be able to press submit on your application form until both your references have been completed and submitted. Please complete your referees’ details as soon as possible within the application form and press submit to forward them the link.


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