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WWF's Forest Restoration Grants
WWF's Forest Restoration Grants

WWF’s Forest Restoration Grants

In Brief:

  • WWF’s EFN Program calls on previously funded local organizations for the Forest Restoration Grant.
  • Aiming for collaborative, nature-based solutions, the grant prioritizes long-term community forest restoration.
  • Eligible organizations, with a history of commitment, can apply for funding up to $15,000 for one year.
  • Successful projects should emphasize traditional knowledge preservation, socio-economic benefits, and biodiversity conservation.
  • Interested organizations in eligible countries can submit concept notes by March 30, 2024, through the official WWF website.
  • Proposals with local leadership, wider landscape impact, and consideration for gender equity stand out, offering hope for a sustainable future.

In a world where the delicate balance of nature is constantly at risk, the WWF’s Russell E. Train Education for Nature (EFN) Program has opened its doors to local organizations with a compelling mission – to restore our forests, one community at a time.

This opportunity, known as the Forest Restoration Grant, serves as a beacon for those committed to reversing deforestation and nurturing the well-being of our planet.

Embarking on the Forest Restoration Journey:

As the March 30, 2024 deadline approaches, the call is clear – the WWF invites local organizations with a history of Reforestation Grant support to share their vision through concept notes for the community-based Forest Restoration Grant.

This competitive grant is not just about planting trees; it’s a rallying cry for on-the-ground actions that seamlessly connect past successes to deliver collaborative, nature-based solutions for lasting community forest restoration.

Criteria for Success:

To qualify for this transformative opportunity, organizations must demonstrate a history of commitment to:

  • Restoring landscapes scarred by deforestation.
  • Engaging and connecting with local communities and stakeholders.
  • Conducting long-term monitoring and evaluation of forest restoration activities.
  • Preserving traditional knowledge and empowering local capacity for managing natural resources.
  • Contributing to community and socio-economic benefits, fostering livelihood diversification.


Priority Areas and Funding Details:

The Forest Restoration Grant aligns with WWF’s priority areas – Oceans, Forests, and Freshwater. The chosen projects have the potential to receive funding up to $15,000 for one year, empowering local initiatives in eligible countries within WWF-US priority areas.


Eligibility and Restoration Project Requirements:

For organizations to be eligible, they must be legally registered in an eligible country, previously funded by EFN through the Reforestation Grant, and submit all required documents by the deadline.

Restoration projects should focus on planting 10,000 or more native tree species within a WWF-US priority area, incorporating active learning components to enhance local stakeholders’ skills and knowledge.

Special Considerations for Impactful Proposals:

Proposals that stand out will receive special consideration if they are locally led, contribute to wider landscape restoration, address deforestation drivers, focus on biodiversity conservation, and promote livelihood diversification. Gender equity, partnership development, and consultation with national WWF offices are also emphasized.

Applying for the Forest Restoration Grant:

Interested organizations can submit concept notes through the official WWF website. The application process is designed to be accessible, ensuring that passionate environmental stewards have the chance to contribute to global conservation efforts.

Apply Here

The WWF’s Forest Restoration Grants not only symbolize financial support but serve as a catalyst for change, empowering local organizations to lead the charge in safeguarding our forests and contributing to the well-being of our planet.

As we face environmental challenges, these grants offer hope, ensuring that the seeds of restoration planted today will grow into a sustainable and flourishing future for generations to come.

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